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Please let us introduce ourselves:

Knut Gruschka is the owner of KG Bikes and an award winning motorcycle builder. Since the early 1980’s Knut has worked on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Therefore he has obtained great in depth knowledge of these models, and also has major expertise on older models from the days which gave Harley Davidson its fame.



Christoph Matti is co-owner of KG Bikes. Chris graduated from the Harley-Davidson mechanical school in the early 90's in Florida. For almost 15 years, Chris has worked in the United States where he was specialized in customizing and servicing motorcycles with an emphasis on the newer Harley-Davidson models.

His extensive knowledge on more recent HD models (Twin Cam and V-Rod) as well as fuel injection engines makes him and Knut your ultimate Harley-Davidson team, as they both cover the entire time frame of the company.

We restore any American made motorcycle​​​​​s from 1936 to today.
We are your one stop full service shop.

We build your dreams, repair your classics and service your every day ride.
We restore and maintain any American made motorcycle built between 1936 and today.

Custom bikes: You dream it, we build it

We customize your ride where the limit is your own imagination. We also build custom motorcycles from scratch, with any type of frame, wheel, rake and motor from 45cui to 145cui or from 50hp to 250hp. We transform old school bikes to a newer generation: Chopper, Bobber, Touring, Cruiser or Racer style motorcycle.

With our large inventory of new and used parts we are able to accommodate your bike with a multitude of customizing choices.

Restoration of historical bikes

As year pass by, more bikes become historical vehicles, built at least 30 years ago. Many people love to have their historical ride as original as possible. We have the knowledge and expertise to keep your bike in that shape. We also restore your old bike, bringing it back to life in its original state!

We (re)build and enhance your electrical system

We are fully equipped in electric and electronic diagnostics. From troubleshooting a problem to rebuild a complete wiring harness KG Bikes is fully prepared to respond to your electric need!

Maintenance of frames, gas tanks and chrome

We paint, powder coat, polish and chrome your parts. Living on an island means that your bike suffers a great deal of corrosion or paint damage. However, there is a solution to everything. We can solve your entire wear and tear problem by re-chroming or polishing the faded aluminum. The same goes for dented gas tanks and rust treatment, we are very well equipped so there is literally nothing that we can’t fix on your bike!

Second hand bikes

We also buy and sell used motorcycles, of any brand . As you are looking to buy or sell your motorcycle, give us a call so we can assit you in your endouver. We can take bikes on trade or on consignment.

Other services passing your bike through the proper channels
Spanish regulations on motorcycle licenses are strict. Importing a bike from another country or homologate customized work is difficult. We make all modifications and repairs needed to pass your bike through ITV. We also take care of your paperwork!

KG Bikes takes care of your needs, so you don’t have to waste valuable time!

As long as it has two wheels and a handle bar, we are your shop!


We have our own, unique way to give a second life to unusable engine parts:

Check out our unique beer pump, made of an old engine block. We also create furniture like lamps, chairs tables etc. from old motorcycle parts.

Also in this area it is quite simple: we build your dream!



year pass more and more bikes become  historical vehicle, built at least 30 years ago. We at KG Bikes have the knowledge and expertised  to deal with your piece of history to bring it back to life.

We customize your ride where the limit is your imagination. With our large inventory of new and used parts we are able to accomodate your bike with a multitude of customizing choices.